Client-Focused Defense Strategy in Federal Crime

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Recognized for excellence in the field of federal criminal defense, our federal criminal defense lawyers & attorneys maintain a selective criminal practice which includes government investigations into alleged international and cross-border criminal conspiracies.  Our firm’s standard of excellence begins with a proven criminal defense strategy of focus and awareness.

Our federal criminal defense attorneys, because of this federal criminal defense experience, equips our clients with every resource necessary.  We act quickly, digesting and understanding the facts alleged by government agencies.  We defend individuals and companies dealing with criminal charges, as well as with state and federal criminal investigations.  We have obtained many dismissals . . . and not just by “not guilty” verdicts and “no jail time” judgments.

This record of success, however, does not fully explain our firm. Our federal criminal attorneys and lawyers are about trust and obligation. Our top-tier lawyers are proud of constantly adding to our firm’s noteworthy client-attorney interaction, support and attention. The facts in a government file may seem unfavorable, but that file only tells half the story.  Our defense starts with our client.  We want the whole story.

We work carefully.  We conduct a thorough defense-oriented investigation.  We complete the story for our client.  The heart and soul of our criminal defense is with our client, not with alleged government accusation.  We represent a proven defense strategy for client success.

Our federal criminal defense attorneys defends in federal and state courts: Export-Import Crimes, Munitions Transport to China, Passport and Visa Fraud, International Identity Crime, Cyber-Crime Cartels and RICO, Internet Auction Fraud, Interpol and International Extradition, Department of Treasury and OFAC Investigations, Iran and Syria Export Controls, Russian Business Investigations by the Department of State and the DOJ, International Corruption of Public Officials.

Recently our firm obtained the complete dismissal of human trafficking charges in federal court.  The charges had alleged client involvement with an organized crime syndicate with an international reach into Asia and the U.S.


Federal Crime

Our firm’s managing partner, Ryan Blanch, has championed a focused, collaborative approach to delivering quality legal representation to our clients. This system has served the firm and its clients well.  Clients have included telecomm and air cargo carriers, chief executive officers, hedge-fund managers, corporate executives, options traders and celebrities.

Our federal crime lawyers are regularly profiled in Super Lawyers for excellence in the field of criminal defense. It has been named as one of the Top 100 Trial Attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers. In 2011-12 we received the prestigious Top Attorneys award for white collar criminal defense. The firm and its cases have also been featured in The New York Times, Esquire, The NY Post, Wired Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.  Mr. Blanch has appeared as a legal commentator on both BBC News and Fox News.

International Crime refers to charges and investigations brought by U.S. agencies such as the FBI or by international agencies such as Interpol.  The cases, while tried in federal and state courts, may include allegations of criminal wrong doing with an international or foreign element.  (E.g., Money Laundering which uses foreign bank accounts for an international organized crime cartel – while being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office – has international implications.  It invokes laws such as Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reporting Requirements – FBAR and FinCen.)

Our federal criminal defense attorneys recently represented a client accused of embezzling funds from a large insurance carrier.  Result: Case Dismissed.  Similarly, we represented a client involved in a federally-investigated phone hacking scheme.  We intervened early and navigated the client safely away from prosecution.  The firm also defended a telecommunications carrier in a DOJ-led FCPA investigation into international corporate bribery.  Result: No civil or criminal penalties incurred.  In another recent case, after weeks of trial, the jury voted “not guilty” in a federal criminal case involving money laundering charges filed against a bank executive.

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